The Human Rights Lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck from Berlin has published a new book (“Mit Recht gegen Macht”, Hanser) about his life and the fight against impunity and double standards in international criminal law. Highly recommended. Only in german so far. Advertisements

The PluriCourts Centre of Excellence at the University of Oslo is organizing a conference titled ‘Adjudicating international trade and investment disputes: between interaction and isolation.’ The conference will be hosted at the Faculty of Law of the University of Oslo on Thursday and Friday 25-26 August 2016.

The  Conference  “Law Between Global and Colonial: Techniques of Empire”   proposes to discuss  the  legal  languages  and  techniques  through  which  colonial powers  ruled non-­European  territories  and  populations  throughout  the  modern  age. Although  the  focus  of  the  conference  is  historical,  the  interest  feeding  it  lies  in the present.  With  the  great  numbers  of  people  moving […]

On the 21st of april 2016 there is going to be a conference in Istanbul on a global history of international law. Workshop for the Istanbul ESIL Research Forum: ‘Beyond the Western Paradigm?: Towards a Global History of International Law’ (Istanbul, 21-22 Apr 2016); CfP-Deadline 15 Jan 2016

International Conference “The United Nations Security Council: Contemporary Threats to its Legitimacy and Performance“ May 22nd to 25th, 2016, in Ascona, Ticino, Switzerland.

Es gibt seit geraumer Zeit eine Debatte über die so genannte Konstitutionalisierung im Völkerrecht und transnationalen Recht (Dunoff/Trachtman 2007, Teubner 2011, Klabbers/Ulfstein/Peters 2011). Weltweit – aber in erster Linie in Europa, durchaus als Folge der Diskussion um die EU-Verfassung – entstehen Forschungsbereiche zum Thema Global Constitutionalism (Berlin, Hamburg, New York, Yale, St. Andrews) oder zur […]